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Who is Thor?

NOTE: Thor is not a piece of shit auto-reponder application.

Thor is human exactly like you. Besides possessing incredible communications skills, he knows something very important and moving about almost everything. This is no doubt why people have come to respect him as an oracle of sorts. Oracle, orafice, hmm?

It is this remarkable ability that truly sets him apart from all the other Gods. One would expect all the thunder control and hammer swinging hoopla to be his real gig. Don't get him wrong, he is proud of and grateful for all these gifts. However the bottom line is, that thunder and hammer gig was getting old and we all have to change with the times.

What if I'm offended by Thor?

Thor has been know to offend people. Oddly some get offended by him on a routine basis. Some people even expect to be personally offended by him. Go figure?

How does this all work?

Well lets see? You "Ask The God", he decides if your question is worthy and then he either deletes your lame effort or publishes it in all it's glory.

Where can I complain?

If you are married start with your spouse.

Why does he do this?

- Advice columns are stupid
- He drinks way too much
- Typing is fun for Thor
- He is getting rich like there is no tomorrow
- There is no tomorrow!

How did this all start?

One day in 1998, Thor was working in customer service management. He became tired of kissing ass and being totally untrue to himself. He then discussed the depth of his agony with a few friends. Two of these friends happened to be publishing a web site e-zine called Their concern for his well being and deep agony was also very deep. So deep that after some tears, the three of them hammered around a concept that would allow Thor to get some of those feelings out. The rest is a Myth.

Why did "Ask The Mighty Thor" disappear for so long?

When it all started in 98, the web was a vehicle for earning a decent income for someone who was prepared to make half an effort. By 2001 it required a full effort. This was unacceptable! Thor has decided for reasons unknown, to hoist his sails once again.

Can I get any Thor paraphernalia or fashionable garments?

Items in discussion with (us) the bastards at Gormless Entertainment (we own Thor's ass!) are:
- Thor T-Shirts
- Thor Hats
- Thor Coffee Mug
- Thor Tear Away Daily Calendar

Let the people at Gormless Entertainment know what you prefer. They (apparently) will let you know when stuff becomes available.

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